Please take a moment to look at some of our success stories! We may have just celebrated a year in business but we are veterans to healthy living, customer service and patient care and satisfaction!  If our patients win, we win!  If our patients struggle, we support them and create actions plans to nourish their success.

I would like to commend the Ideal Protein plan, but most of all praise you, Ryan and staff for all your thoughtfulness, kindness, compassion, and all-out in helping me be on the road to success in my weight loss. There is no way I could have done it without your support, care and love. I knew when I retired from the Air Force December fo 1994 that my weight would become an issue—21 years later I was 100 pounds overweight. Not feeling good or proud o myself (also knowing my mom and dad always worrying about my weight), you willing offered to help me with your weight loss and wellness program. I am now on my way to losing the weight, but most of all feeling healthier physically and feeling good about myself again—Thanks to you all. I can never give you all enough heartfelt thanks, praises, appreciation, and gratefulness that you care so much for me in being health. Thanks!
— Angela G. 59 years old
I’m a former Division i athelet who carried 250lbs of mostly muscle. After turning 47 yrs old with a dozen surgeries that do not allow me to workout I couldn’t lose weight. I read a lot about various diets and wellness clinics before finding Nurse Jennifer Slack and her husband Ryan. I started my 21 Day HCG Clean Start Diet 40 Days ago at 264 lbs. Today after finishing Phase 1 I’m 230 lbs I’ve never felt better. I come weekly for booster shots of b12 and weigh ins with Monica the clinic assistant. She is very encouraging and knowledgeable about the program. Today I met with Nurse Jennifer to go over in detail phase 2 of the diet this next 6 weeks is my maintenance phase it’s curcial to helping my body my new normal. I am so happy with OTW! If your ready to actually change your lifestyle and lose real fat from your neck, stomach, back, chest, arms, hips this is the perfect diet!
— Dave P. 42 Years Old
They are great, willing to help you reach the goals you set. The meal plan they have to offer works wonders. Just after 3 months I dropped from a size 44 to 38 waist and I feel great
— Scotty M. 32 Years Old