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Weight Loss Readiness Quiz
This quiz will help us design the perfect program for you to be successful!

Exercise History and Attitude Questionnaire
This is designed to help us identify next (or concurrent) steps in your wellness journey! We work with several local gyms and personal trainers that would love to meet you when you are ready!

Three Day Food Diary

It is recommended to get a clear understanding of your daily intake and how that we may work together to create positive lasting changes, that you complete a 3 Day Food Diary!  Write everything that goes into your mouth, good and bad!  This is a necessary step to help identify where extra calories may be sneaking their way into your diet. Bring this to your visit so that we may review this together!


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New Patient Paperwork
We know you are busy! Print out the new patient paperwork and bring it in to your first appointment to help speed up your check in process!

American Exercise Council

ACE Partnership
Jennifer Slack, NP=C is excited and proud to be a certified Health Coach with American Council of Exercise (ACE). She looks forwarded to bringing you great information and resources from our partners at ACE! 

Do you know your BMI?Are you experiencing high blood pressure, high cholesterol,  or diabetes. If you are unsure of your risk for these illnesses, please schedule an appointment with our Nurse Practitioner to discuss further today!

More Resources to come!