What is "wellness"?

The term "wellness" is gaining popularity and is used in several types of clinical and non=clinical settings.  This word is fairly new to everyday language but it is not very clear on what it actually means. I thought it would be best if we shared OTS's vision of Wellness with you!

As you may have noticed, we offer an array of services at OTS and that is my design! Initially, it was suggested when we first decided to open our own practice, that we place all of our focus on "weight loss" only. Being a Nurse Practitioner for over 8 years and working in health care for over 16 years, I knew better! As a nurse, we are always educated that in order to treat a patient effectively it requires looking at the "whole picture" of the patient and treating them "holistically." Holistically, treating someone indicates that you are taking into consideration everything that comprising that person, not only their medical history but also  their concerns, their goals, their obstacles as well personal history.  We quickly realized that treatment just weight loss would not work! We needed to look each person individually and holistically in order to make a lasting difference in their lives! It is also important to consider how much success can be accomplished when functioning as a team, which is why we believe our relationship with our patients is a partnership!  

OTS' Vision of Wellness comprises the whole person-mind, body & spirit! Everyone has a different path to their optimal state of wellness and our goal is help you identify this desire in yourself and give you the tools to accomplish this sense of well being.  As your partner, we will be there with you every step of the way. 

OTS is your Partner in Everything Wellness.

I would recommend that everyone begin their journey from Within. This will ensure that the microscopic nutrients running through your veins are giving you an advantage of feeling well physically and mentally!